Z2Live Using Trade Nations App for Social Goodness

*This is an open letter to Z2Live for their latest social good campaign via Play2Change and charity: water to help gamers do what they do best… game while making a significant positive change in the world.

Play2ChangeDear Z2Live,

It has come to our attention that you’ve taken it upon yourselves to use your widely successful Trade Nations game for good. We thank you for not only creating one of the largest communities on mobile, having logged over 500 million game sessions since its launch (100 million of which are probably from the AppyHour staff), but also that your success has not gone to waste… you’re now using that community for good. Talk about the power of video games + community social action = awesomeness.

Since you’ve quietly launched the wishing wells into the game a few weeks ago, you’ve already had more than 2,000 wells purchased in game with your virtual currency, Magic Beans. Now, two real… life saving wells that provide fresh water to approximately 800 people are in the works.

This is why we love the gaming community as it features companies like yours. Good people, great work and even better hearts, the kind that truly believe that their success is built from the community and should be used for the good of that community.

We at AppyHour applaud your work and are proud to be a part of your community.



Greg Dawson
Founder, EIC

P.S. – I’ll leave you with some words from David Bluhm, CEO of Z2Live… great guy!

“The staff at Z2Live feels very passionately about the mission of bringing clean, safe drinking water to communities around the world, and as a result has pledged to use our games to benefit charity:water, an outstanding organization that accomplishes this goal. “We will use our games to work with our community to benefit this charity though donations, in game purchases and other promotions in the future.  We are hoping that other game and entertainment companies will join the Play2Change movement and help us all make a positive impact on the world through gaming.”

Z2Live Announces Play2Change & Support of charity:water on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Z2Live Using Trade Nations App for Social Goodness

  1. Thanks Greg,

    This industry – along with gamers worldwide – can revolutionize how we raise money for non-profits, positive change and great and timely causes. In a world full of rising conflict, increasing cynicism and expanding pockets of outright despair…this is something we can all do to make a real, measurable difference – and move things the other way. For Z2Live, this means starting with providing people immediate access to a basic human need – clean, safe water. Please help make Play2Change part of every gaming company’s focus. The more you think about this model, the more powerful it is!

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