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WWDC 2011 OS X Lion Gets 250 Updates

Credit: TechCrunch

The WWDC 2011 kicked off this morning at 10 a.m. PST with the unveiling of the new WWDC 2011 OS X Lion Gets 250 Updates with integrated multitouch gestures and full screen apps working hand-in-hand. It will only be available via the Mac App Store for $29 (WOW!). Mac OS X launched 10 years ago and has been the heart of the Mac. The new Mac OS X Lion has 250 updates and Phil Schiller went over 10 of them, including:

Multitouch Gestures: Since a trackpad is built into every notebook and there’s a desktop tool he says it’s the death of the mouse. Scroll, pinching, zooming are the key.

Full-Screen Apps: Full screen “apps” are showed off such as Safari, iCal, iPhoto, Preview and all in a full-screen shot. You can swipe to get full screen and swipe to go back to desktop. Rearrange icons and create folders like iOS. When you quit an app you’re taken right back to where you left off.

Mission Control: This gives you a 30,000 foot view of all of your running apps. Swipe to show everything. No need for scroll bars. A lot of refinement went into mission control.

Resume, Auto-Save and Resume: Auto-save function is now built in so you don’t have to remember to “save, save, save.” It will also save versions of your document as you go. Only differences of the versions are saved so it’s lightweight. Time Machine like interface for viewing old versions. I absolutely love this feature. I can’t tell you how many documents I’ve lost.

AirDrop: Lion utilizes a P2P network to share documents between computers. It will be a new features in Lion and you can see people around you using AirDrop as well. Drag and drop. It’s that simple. It’s all Wi-Fi based so nothing to setup.

Mail: There’s a new version of mail and it looks like iOS (iPad). New features include more powerful searching, search suggestions, mail recognizes if it’s a person or a subject and when you select one it becomes a search token. Also includes new Conversation View that breaks down messages in one column. Pretty sweet. Will it beat Gmail? New intelligent search functions such as “From Greg Dawson, last month”, and the search box knows what you mean.

The new update will only be available in the Mac App Store and will be about 4GB in size for only $29.

Quick updates:

  • Lion first on the Agenda
  • OS X launched 10 years ago
  • 250 updates to OS Lion
  • Multitouch Gestures
  • Full screen apps; swipe to get back to desktop
  • 54 million mac users around the world
  • 120 sessions, 100 hands-0n labs, 1,000 Apple engineers
  • 5200 attendees, sold out in 2 hours

Images from TechCrunch’s day so far:

Video of WWDC News

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