Apple Steve Jobs WWDC 2011 Keynote

WWDC 2011 News Roundup

Apple Steve Jobs WWDC 2011 Keynote
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WWDC 2011 news points to Apple focusing all it’s efforts on Monday on software. And of course, Steve Jobs himself will be doing the Apple keynote. Here’s a news roundup of the announcements happening on Monday.

iCloud – The big news is that this service will initially be free reports the LA Times, but will then most likely cost $25 annually and that Universal Music Group has signed on. Sales will be split 58 percent to the labels 12 percent to publishers and of course Apple’s 30 percent cut. [Source – LA Times]. CNET reports that iCloud will most likely include movies and not just music. This is probably the biggest WWDC 2011 news.

  • Other functions on a wishlist from former Apple employee and tech guru Kevin Fox include seamless access to any data, universal login on any Mac and more you can read here.
  • GIGaom bets there won’t be much of an update, but does agree with new notifications, iCloud integration and a possible integration with AirDrop. What about Twitter integration, more widget capabilities and spaces…

iOS 5.0 – News of a new notifications interface surfaced when TechCrunch broke a story about the new software getting a revamp. Instead of having to launch the app, you might be able to quickly just view via a quick launch setup. Also, TechCrunch is doing a weekend giveaway for an iPad 2. Check it out here. CNET points out that it looks a lot like what Android already does. Google and Apple have been playing nicely lately. What about maps? Turn-by-turn? Voice to text or search? Time will only tell and hopefully it will all be laid out in WWDC 2011 news.

  • Hints of over-the-air iOS app updates found within iTunes, which iTunes let slip and the new function would be called Automatic Download. [Source – ars technica]

Mac OS X Lion – According to Apple, the Mac App Store is setup to directly upgrade current version users. You have to check out the updates on the new desktop backgrounds and the video CNET created… check out the 3-minute mark. And of course Keynote, Pages and Numbers are universal for iPhone and iPad Touch.

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