WWDC 2011 iOS 5

WWDC 2011 iOS 5 Update gets Notification Center and No Need for Cord

WWDC 2011 iOS 5
Credit: TechCrunch

WWDC 2011 iOS 5 – Coming this fall, The new iOS 5 no longer needs a cord to setup a new device and now features a Notification Center that makes for a better user interface and stops them from interrupting you in your current task. Animation will come down from the top instead of the middle of the screen. This is a huge improvement. All you have to do is swipe your finger down and it slides down. One swipe on the app launches that app. Other updates include:

iOS 5 Newsstand: You can get any subscription and the magazine is placed directly into the newsstand app. It’s all done via background downloads. The cover will be updated as you download new issues.

iOS 5 Twitter: With over 1 billion Tweets per week, “We want to make it even easier for all of our customers to use Twitter in iOSS products” with one single sign-on. It’s an all-out app integration. Once you download a new app, it will ask for Twitter credential permission and there’s no need to re login. Easily add location too. You can tweet from YouTube, Safari, etc.

iOS 5 Safari: With two-thirds of mobile browsing done on Safari, it’s getting an update. The new Reader function makes the story “pretty” and easy to read. It actually takes all pages, even if the site separates, and makes it one piece. Another new feature is Reading List, which allows you to read articles later like Instapper. And now, switching between tabs is really quick as it’s now tabs like desktop version. No one-button-away tabbing. SWEET! That was one of my least favorite features.

iOS 5 Reminders: This is a get things done type update as you can now store all of your lists on your device and get reminders via notifications. Store dates, locations, etc. Reminders will autosync with iCal over CalDev and Windows via Exchange. The location portion looks really cool as you can set a reminder that says “Call my doctor after I leave McDonalds today”. Just saying.

iOS 5 Camera: The camera is going to get a speed upgrade and is available via shortcut on the lockscreen now. Even if you have a passcode set you’re brought to the app ready to take a picture. Now, all of those close calls will be captured. You can use the volume up button to take a photo now and you can now pinch to zoom within the camera. Auto-exposure and autofocus are available now too as well as in photo editing for cropping, rotating, red eye, etc.) It also features the iPhoto’s one-click enhance feature. Another great new feature!

iOS 5 Mail: Apple has added a swipe-to-inbox feature that works will with portrait mode, offers more enterprise support (S/MIME) which shows a lock icon if encrypted. A much needed drag and drop feature for email addresses for the TO/CC/BCC fields. A built-in dictionary is now available. and now you can split the keyboard for numbers. Now you don’t need a cord to setup. NICE!

iOS 5 Game Center: With more than a 100,000 games available and 50 million users, you can now get achievement points, compare with friends, see friends of friends, and purchase and download directly from Game Center.

iOS 5 iMessage: New messaging service between all iOS 5 customers is now available for text, photos, videos, contacts that is synced between all devices. Start on one device, finish on another. Oh this is awesome! It works over 3G and WiFI and is encrypted.

iOS AirPlay: For the iPad 2, you can now mirror the entire device to the TV wiressly and WiFi sync to iTunes.

More updates include multi-tasking gestures, WiFI sync, auto-back-up to iTunes every day, flick betwen apps, new develoepr tools – xcode, simulator, core image.

iOS 5 coming this fall.

There have been 200 million iOS devices sold to date for 44 percent market share. It is the number one mobile operating system. There were 25 million iPads sold in the first 14 months it was available with 15 billion songs sold so far making it the number one music retailer in the world. iBookstore launched last year had has sold 130 million books. And of course the app store now as 425,000 apps with 90,000 for the iPad. There has been 14 billion app downloads in less than 3 years and Apple has paid out more than $2.5 billion to developers (Thanks Apple).

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