wwdc 2011 icloud

WWDC 2011 iCloud Syncs all Devices for Free

wwdc 2011 icloud
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WWDC 2011 iCloud – Available this fall, iTunes in iCloud gets automatic downloads via all devices with one switch. The PC has worked well for the past 10 years as the digital hub for your digital life, but Apple says it hasn’t kept up because devices have changed because you buy on one device and have to sync to another device. No longer, as Apple’s iCloud brings all access to the cloud for free.

iCloud simply stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all of your devices as well as is completely integrated with your apps. It all happens automagically. Mr. Jobs also made reference to MobileMe and that it didn’t work, but that they learned from it. They’ve thrown out the past and have built and rewritten from the ground up to be iCloud apps.

iCloud iTunes: Anything purchased can not be downloaded to any device at no additional charge. Turn automatic downloads on and when you purchase a song it goes to every device. This is huge!

iCloud Contacts: Make a new contact and it goes to the cloud and automatically is pushed to all other devices.

iCloud Calendars work the same was as well… make a new calendar event, edit or delete and it’s pushed to the cloud. There is now calendar sharing too. Share it with your colleague, wife or anyone. Changes are pushed to your device.

iCloud Mail: Inbox and folders are all kept synced and there are no ads.

Other features include syncing apps and bookmarks to all devices as well as backing up date to the cloud wirelessly. What if you get a new phone? Well, type in a password and it automatically syncs.

What about documents? If you create a Pages document on your iPad it automatically stores it in the cloud and pushes it to all the devices you have Pages on as well as Numbers and Keynote.

Photo Stream: Take a pic, it goes to the camera roll and is automatically uploaded to the cloud and download to all other devices including your Mac. This will work for the last 1,000 photos so as to not take up too much space.

There will also be APIs for iCloud and the storage will work on iOS devices, Mac and PCs too. MobileMe was $99; iCloud is FREE!

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