WOW-Keys iPhone Keyboard

WOW-Keys Keyboard Compatible with iPhone

WOW-Keys iPhone KeyboardCompuExpert launched the WOW-Keys full-sized QWERTY keyboard for iPhone a few months ago. The keyboard has labels that work with both PC and Mac. The WOW-keys also work as dock and allows you to enter text right on your iPhone or iPod touch. There is an app that allows the iphone to be used as a number pad. Another app allows

I found myself using this keyboard to type some notes for a screenplay I’m working on. It was kind of nice not to have to get my laptop out since this keyboard will plug right into your iPhone AC adapter. If you go the AC adapter route I highly recommend getting a 10ft. USB extension so you can sit in your favorite chair while typing and checking e-mails.

The WOW-Keys keyboard keys are mainly laptop size with a couple of the keys a little smaller. One thing I noticed right away was that the delete key was in a different place so it takes a little getting used to. The space bar is smaller than laptops, but that didn’t seem to cause too much concern for me. If you happen to use WOW-keys for your main keyboard you should adapt pretty quickly.

I really enjoyed being able to use the iPod hot keys too. It is super easy to listen music while your doing your e-mails and typing. With headphones on, you can be off in your own little world. I was able to take a call from my wife while writing the review and listening to music and I didn’t miss a beat.

For me personally, this keyboard has some neat ideas, but has a few features that might detour others. One thing I would prefer is if the dock was in a horizontal mode and at the top of the keyboard rather than vertical and where the 10 key would normally be. A horizontal dock placed at the top out of the way of the keyboard would be much better making typing and browsing a much better experience and would alleviate the crampled keyboard size. So here are the likes and dislikes.


  • Charging: the automatic charging as soon as you dock it.
  • Dual Keyboard functions: Switching from PC/Mac mode to iPhone/iPod with just a push of the button.
  • Hot Keys: I really like these volume control, skip track, etc. hot keys and found them easy to use.


  • No USB ports: Having one or two would making plugging in other devices (like a mouse) much easier.
  • No Portability: You can’t take this with you unless you plug it into an AC outlet or a laptop. Won’t work for the Starbucks portable office very well.

The WOW-Keys iPhone keyboard is available for $100.

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