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Watee Wants His H20 And He Wants it Now – Win PromoCode For Watee HD

Watee HD for iPad*Originally posted by James Noisewater on AppTudes.

Move over Barney, there’s a new purple pal in town, albeit a much smaller one. While Watee doesn’t sing and dance, he does have an outrageous appetite for water and bathing in the great goodness that is H20. Be careful though – he cries over spills.

Watee HD, by UNNYHOG Entertainment (sold separately for iPhone $.99) combines the familiarity of most puzzlers on the App Store, but adds its own unique twist in mechanics, goals and outcomes.

At its core, Watee HD a physics-based puzzler based on liquid. The premise is simple: get all of the water from the spout on the top of the screen to Watee’s bowl at the bottom of the screen. However, filling the bowl is quite difficult as the levels progress.

Once Watee is launched, make no mistake, the purple friend isn’t really a friend at all. In fact, I think he just likes to see my head spin when trying to figure the best route for the water to travel and fill his precious bowl. But, I digress.

At first, the game is super simple, but as it progresses the solution to get the water from top to bottom becomes much more difficult. In fact, players will find that out as soon as they get to they to the two glass plates and hot rods for the first time. Watee HD is a very challenging game and it requires a lot of brainpower to execute a successful campaign.

One thing I noticed is that there is an extreme amount of spillage that I’ve yet to figure out how to minimize, making it all the more important to be precise with pours and positioning of plates. This requires restarting levels several times before mastering them, is also why the game is so addictive.

The controls are functional, but could do with some fine tuning. But, this is a solid physics-based puzzle game. There are 40 levels for hours of gameplay, Game Center integration and the level of difficulty is just right for replaying to improve times and scores.

Watee HD is brand new to the App Store and could be a hit in no time – its graphics, gameplay and replay value combine for a great game. It’s nice to see a fresh take on the old school physics-based puzzle genre. My advice is to buy it and make Watee happy with a nice bath of high quality H20.

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