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uBooks e-Reader Great for Day and Night Reading

uBooks e-readerThe iPad and now iPad 2 have become one of the most popular e-readers of all time. So much so that there’s even a Kindle app for iDevices. One thing that is a downside is trying to read outside, which with uBooks is now quite easy.

The e-reader does this very effectively by allowing you to tap “sun” or “moon” for day or nighttime reading, which simply changes the background from black to white and text to the opposite. It works really well.

The e-reader app is designed very well and makes reading even easier since you can read any book or document in .txt or .fb2 formats. The only action you have to take is uploading your file via Wi-Fi which is very easy to do. Of course, you can also upload books via iTunes with the e-reader’s File Sharing feature.

As expected, uBooks functions much like most e-readers for basic functions such as tapping the right side of the screen to turn to the next page and of course left to turn to the previous page. Tape zones can be customized in settings. Another neat feature is to swipe vertically to drag text as well as top lay for auto-scroll. Two wonderful features.

The free version of the uBooks e-reader app is very robust and is a great entry into the e-book reader market with day and night time reading capabilities. uBooks XL adds even more capabilities with extended compatibility with html, .txt, .epub or .fb2 formats.

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