Twitter Photo Filters for iPhone are Sweet

twitter photo filters for iPhoneIf you’ve been under a rock, then you will benefit from this post … of course, if you’re a regular Twitter iPhone app user then you already know that Twitter photo filters became available as of the last update. You also know that they’re awesome.

My only issue is that I use Instagram for my photo filter action and then just repost to Twitter so I’m not sure how much I’ll be using Twitter’s new photo filters. It does make nice for an alternative or a go-to for Twitter power users.

As for ease of use, I love how you can just swipe between filters and see instant change to your image. Sure, clicking on different icons for filters on Instagram isn’t a problem, but Twitter’s way is more fluid and provides a better user experience. But, in my opinion, Twitter will never replace the hearts that I get on Instagram. :)

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