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Obesity has become a national epidemic. And the business of trying to make everyone fit into skinny jeans anyway has grown into a massive industry. Fad diets come and go, but most doctors agree eating healthy foods in moderation along with regular exercise is the real key to weight loss success. If getting healthy for life is your objective dieting isn’t the answer. The solution lies in making lifestyle changes that can become permanent. We’re not nutritionists of course, but we do watch the App Store, so we’ve compiled our top five iPhone apps to help track calories eaten and burned and to find comprehensible nutritional information for anyone trying to get into shape.


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal


Download Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Here


Free – iPhone Only


This app boasts the largest database of foods – a over a million – and provides a calorie count along with information on fats, protein, sugar, fibre and other important nutritional facts. But the app does a lot more. It allows dieters to enter entire meals, or add favorite foods, even recipes for fast comprehensive and useable information. The app also integrates with to track food intake online and it syncs with app. There is a barcode scanner for packaged foods, and even push notices if a user forgets to log a meal. On the fitness end there are more than 350 exercises included for both cardio and strength training, and the app keeps track of calories burned. Create goals, generate reports and start shedding those pounds.


Weightbot – Track your Weight in Style


Buy Weightbot Here

by Tapbots

$1.99 – iPhone only


If apps are too lo-tech, how about a weight-tracking robot? Weightbot is weight loss – or muscle gain – for geeks. Users just enter their goal, their current body specs, and the app calculates their BMI and shows progress on a graph. Rotate clockwise to view weight loss progress over time, or turn it the other way to view the goal and expected arrival date. It’s a simple and effective way to manage and keep track of long-term fitness plans.


Lose It!


Download Lose It! Here

by Fitnow

Free – iPhone only


Lose It!, the companion app to the web site that bears the same name, is another comprehensive option for weight loss, one with a social bent. This app has the requisite large database of foods and exercises it can provide calorie counts for, supports recipes and customs entries and tracks nutritional information. It even provides that information even without an Internet connection. It also works with the web site to back up dieting data, but also to make weight loss social. Invite friends to join you on your fitness quest and share recipes and workouts. Then, boast about your success on Facebook and Twitter.


Fooducate Plus


Buy Fooducate Plus Here

Download Fooducate Here

by Foodeucate Ltd

$3.99 – free – iPhone only

Fooducate is all about helping those on a diet, for weight loss or any health reason, make wise choices at the supermarket. With a database of over 200,000 unique products, this app was created by dieticians and uses the iPhone camera to scan barcodes. It tells the user about what’s really in that can or box. It will reveal any veiled information from the use of chemical food colorings that may not be safe to excessive hidden transs-fats while also highlighting the item’s health benefits. The app allows for side-by-side product comparisons and even offers healthy alternative suggestions. The free version is ad supported.


Dotti’s Food Score


Buy Dottie’s Food Score Here

by Bizmosis Inc

$2.99 – universal


We have apps to count calories in raw foods, packaged products, even favorite recipes, but most of us do a lot of our eating out and getting nutritional information from a restaurant can be difficult and even embarrassing. Dotti’s Food Score uses information from Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone web site to serve up the skinny on almost 600 restaurants. The app has information on the most popular food chains, gets regular updates, and is particularly well integrated with the Weight Watchers point program offering scores based on their program.



†Prices accurate at time of posting but are subject to change without riot warning on the App Store

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