Thumbstar Ports Skyrise Runner to Android, Reveals Space Off and Inks Deal with Urbanscan

Mobile games service provider and publisher, Thumbstar Games, seems to be on a tear as of late with several exciting announcements over the past few weeks, including that its iOS runner action game Skyrise Runner is now available on Android devices. The game takes you through the Skyland forests to collect crystals and obtain amazing power-ups. Various obstacles and pitfalls lie in your wake, so time your jumps carefully and use the ancient mystic power of the crystals and morph into the great eagle to go further and protect the treetops.

Thumbstar Reveals Details on Space Off for Android
Thumbstar also revealed details on their upcoming launch of multiplayer shooter Space Off. Said to be a retro gaming fan’s dream, the game will allow two players to take each other on using a single device and seems to be a mix of classic games Pong, Breakout and Asteroids, wrapped in a  space-age setting. A simple, but frantic game speed increases dramatically as you progress through the game. Space Off marks Thumbstar’s fifth release since its publishing arm launched earlier this year, which is headed up by industry veterans Martin and Gareth Edmondson.

Thumbstar Inks Deal with Urbanscan
A new deal with Urbanscan is sure to lead to the release of a host of new titles across iOS and Android, Smartphone and Tablet devices. Urbanscan, established by Ian Stewart, is said to have a sizable portfolio of intellectual properties, including Gremlin titles Bounder, and ZOOL. The digital publisher and developer are also creating new IPs … Premier Manager, which was first released 20 years ago and has been fully optimized, and developed, specifically for Smartphone and Tablet experiences.

In addition, other titles to be released in the near future are colourful action puzzler Gem Smashers, a re-imagined version of an 8-bit classic, Bounders World, and social puzzle creator JigAPix.

Of the partnership, Gareth Edmondson, CEO of Thumbstar Games commented “It’s fantastic to be working with Urbanscan. Their gaming heritage is second to none and to be involved in bringing this collection of classic IPs to market globally is very exciting for Thumbstar and the continued growth of our publishing division.”

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