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The Sims Medieval Adds Battle Cries, Vampires and Heroic Quests – Win PromoCode

The Sims Medieval for iPhone*Originally posted by James Noisewater on AppTudes.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye. Let us now fall back on medieval times when a king was a king and a vampire was a vampire. What? Yes, that is correct. The Sims Medieval, an iPhone and iPod touch port by Electronic Arts, allows the gamer to create their own hero and determine their destiny even if it’s as a vampire.

The Sims franchise started way back in 2000 and sold more than 6.3 million copies worldwide within its first month. And it never looked back creating expansion packs such as Livin’ Large, Vacation, Unleashed, etc. And now, EA is taking old school fans for a taste yesteryear iOS-style.

The Sims Medieval story plays into a dark, magical world where players will need to immerse themselves into a dramatic adventure complete with castles, jesters, knights and the realm of medieval. The game will honestly bring the player back into a time of sorcery, heroism and folklore.

As the game progresses so do the quests to complete and empower the player’s character to master skills such as Wizard spells. Of course, and this is part of why I love the Sims, the Sim can rock out and party medieval style with party games such as combat and fishing.

And, as gamers will find, the combat is more interactive than the PC version so bring on the horseman’s pick, dagger, knife, mace and war hammer because it will get intense.

If the player has partaken in Sims before then the controls will seem second nature, albeit a bit more compact as they are positioned on either side of the screen for easy access.

The Sims Medieval allows one to live like a king, literally. Adorn living quarters with lush items until one’s heart is content. However, outside is where the real game takes to live as the player can choose heroic quests such as sorcery.

One addition is the ability to form a guild and get assistance from sim-friends with various quests. This adds an entirely new dimension for a fun twist on a popular title.
The Sims Medieval is truly an old school take on a global phenomenon ensuring there is something new for sim fans new and veteran. With the integration of quests and the all new option for battles so players can finally horde weapons and use them in duels with other sims, The Sims Medievalis just what the blacksmith ordered. This will be a no brainer for Sims fans to buy.
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