Terrafarmers HD Mixes Time Management Gameplay with Celestial Visuals

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I’m a big fan of the time management gaming genre. I enjoy the gameplay as much as the hunt for the best strategies to harvest food, oil, crystals or whatever it may be that replenishes the hordes or soldiers to build up their colonies and take over the map. Alaware released its newest time management game for iPad called Terrafarmers HD, by Alawar (iPad Only).

Its claim to possible fame is integrating terraforming technologies as well as breeding extraordinary cosmic creatures in order to bring life back to an intergalactic barren wasteland.

The goal is to take care of wild creatures that appear from the shrubs the gamer is planting in the alien soil. The player must also explore planets, gather out-of-this-world cosmic goods that these organisms produce and then put them on the galactic market for maximum profit.

Along the way, gamers will be able to manufacture one of a kind merchandise so as to serve customers throughout the galaxy who are eager to buy the best and greatest wares from different worlds.

However, it’s not all sugar and spice. Pirates from the outer reaches of the galaxy are always near by to sneak attack and steal these much coveted supplies. Also, make sure to continue collecting DNA credits, which create opportunities to upgrade equipment.

The game features 67 levels and 16 planets as well as 11 extraordinary gadgets and 15 towering trophies and supports both OpenFeint and GameCenter. This amount of content makes for hours of gameplay.

Time management games are a blast. and Terrarfarmers HD is a great example of one that takes a different path and serves up tons of casual fun. The game brings a welcome reprieve from battle-ridden styles that lack originality. This iPad game not only is a unique take on the genre, it also features an insane amount of stunning graphics, which is great for letting one’s imagination let loose in the weird and wonderful planets the game has to offer. Terrafarmers HD is an easy buy.

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