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TaskFlow for iPhone*Originally posted by DeWayne on AppTudes.

TaskFlow – Visualize your workflow! (iPhone & iPod touch only) by Icetap Developers is an unique and beautifully designed task management app that allows the user to visualize daily tasks and checklists. TaskFlow combines everything a user needs to be productive in a stunning interface: checklists, tasks, notes, reminders and timers.

Upon opening the app, the user is presented with the Categories page that contains a Quick Menu and Custom Checklists. The Quick Menu provides quick access to Inbox Tasks, Reminders and Timers.

The user can also organize tasks in “checklists” or folders and choose from over 500 unique icons for each list to help distinguish between each of them. Custom Checklists can be created by tapping the plus icon in the top right corner of the app.

The Categories page also provides access to Settings and editing of the ordering of Tabs, the list of Checklists under Custom Checklists. Tapping the gear icon in the top left corner pulls up the user’s current settings; tapping the shuffle icon in the bottom right pulls up editing of Tabs.

There are two ways to create tasks: tapping on the Inbox Tasks icon or selecting a custom checklist, and then tapping the plus icon in the top right corner. The user can then provide a title, custom task icon, due date, note and priority for the task. Tapping on a task will bring up a three icon menu: edit, delete and note details.

In addition to the ability to manage tasks, TaskFlow also provides a quick way to set reminders and a timer. Selecting Reminders in the Quick Menu pulls up any set reminders. Tapping on the plus icon in the top right corner allows the user to create new reminders.

The app supports local notifications so a reminder alarm will sound even when the app is closed. Timers works in a similar fashion to Reminders and can be accessed in the Quick Menu.

Finally, TaskFlow combines notes with to-dos in one app. The user can create a simple diary or other quick and easy-to-use regular notes by tapping on the Notes Custom Checklist. Notes are organized by date.

TaskFlow is a visually appealing and easy-to-use task manager that will appeal to users wanting a sense of design, and not just utilitarian functionality, in their apps.

The only functionality missing in this app is the ability to change the font size of the data fields (the default size is rather small), share tasks and reminders, and backup or sync user data. However, these are small items that do not take away from the overall user experience.


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