Tapsteroids on iPhone

Tapsteroids Pays Homage to Classic, App Now Available

Tapsteroids on iPhoneA tribute to the classic arcade games, Tapsteroids is a fast-paced action shooter that requires skill and strategy. Destroy all the asteroids with the available weapons to protect the landing of spaceships on your station.

The AppyHour staff received a nice note from Daniele and Erika from UNAgames today, who let us know that they’ve posted the official video trailer of Tapsteroids, their arcade game for iOS devices.

With Tapsteroids available worldwide on the App Store, they were able to find time to publish the official video trailer to check out some of the sweet gameplay, the available weapons in action and all gorgeous graphics effects. Particle systems have been used extensively for most special actions, and the video shows the fantastic looking animations created using high resolution 3D models.

Tapsteroids on YouTube

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