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Attention Gleeks – Tapulous Announces Tap Tap Glee for iOS

Tap Tap Glee iPhone iTunesTapulous, the fabulous makers of all-things Tap Tap, have partnered with Fox Digital Entertainment to extend its Tap Tap franchise to one of Fox’s biggest hit TV Series, with the launch of Tap Tap Glee. The app is now available for iOS on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. eBay is the presenting launch sponsor.

The app allows fans to tap along with the Kids of the ‘New Directions’ Glee Club and will also contains exclusive video from “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” which hits theaters on August 12.

There’s no doubt Tap Tap’ers are huge fans of music and that’s exactly why you should download this app as it features music from the award-winning television series, “Glee”.

What Gleek wouldn’t expect to have the show’s rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”, its biggest hit with more than one million downloads to date via iTunes, and “My Cup,” from the season two finale. Yes, the music is paramount and there are 50 additional tracks from the robust library of “Glee” songs of which most are available via In-App Purchase. Tracks range from pop to classic rock to show tunes, and new promos tracks will be released daily.

“There has never been an artist-branded Tap Tap game with the breadth of music, features and social media integration that Tap Tap Glee has, and that really speaks to the unique premise of the show and its music,” said Tim O’Brien, VP of Business Development and Marketing for Disney Mobile. “This game brings together two of the most popular franchises in music to create a must-have gaming experience for all GleeKs.”

And unique to the Tap Tap Glee iOS app is its special content just for Gleeks. Yes, that’s right, Gleeks get their own “Gleeks vs. Jocks” Facebook wall that they can connect to, and for the first time in a Tap Tap game, click on a friend’s profile and “slushy” them by posting on their Facebook wall.

“Tap Tap Glee is the most recent example of our efforts to deliver amazing experiences to fans of our content on emerging platforms,” said Matt McMahon, VP of Mobile for Fox Digital Entertainment. “The combination of these two incredibly popular brands has produced a fantastic game and another way for ‘Glee’ fans to interact with their favorite music while they’re on the go.”

Even if you’re not a Gleek and are just a music fan, Tap Tap Glee is a great addition to your music game genre. Its integration of the “Glee” series music and with exclusive video content from the upcoming theatrical release combined with Tap Tap’s always addictive gameplay make this an easy purchase, especially if you’re a Gleek.

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