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CarrierCompare iPhone App Shows Best Service at Your Location

CarrierCompare for iPhoneDo you ever feel like you have the worst phone service ever? A new iPhone app called CarrierCompare will confirm or shed a little light on just how your carrier compares against the others.

For instance, I have AT&T and I’ve had it since time began (I was ported over via the Cingular buyout) and lately I’ve been feeling that my house was made of some sort of impenetrable super metal that I’ve never heard of before. One check of this app and I noticed that things could be worse.

AT&T actually scored higher than Verizon and Sprint. Continue reading CarrierCompare iPhone App Shows Best Service at Your Location

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iPhone 5 Sprint Exlusive

Sprint iPhone 5 Exclusive? WTF?

iPhone 5 Sprint ExlusiveIn a perfect world, we’d all get a chance at the new iPhone 5 regardless of carrier. However, with such a powerful and elusive product, there’s always one bad apple in the barrel. BGR is reporting that a close source tipped them off to a deal between Sprint and Apple for exclusive rights to the iPhone 5. It’s backed up by the WSJ reporting that Sprint has entered into an agreement with Apple to purchase $20 billion (yes, $20 billion) worth of iPhones over the next four years and that it will be a 4G WiMAX device. Continue reading Sprint iPhone 5 Exclusive? WTF?

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