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July App Revenue Report

Show me the revenue report!

As you may recall, June was pretty dang slow, down from $900+ in May to under $700. I had quite a bit going on in my day jobbie job and was focusing on a few bigger apps. I’m stoked that one of my bigger apps I launched as made over $300 in just a few days and is showing a lot of promise … more on that in my next report. But first, here is the July App Revenue Report, which comes in at  $788, a nice $110 bump over June. What was different?

  • I did some tweaking on Chartboost and dropped some advertisers that were getting a lot of clicks, but no installs.
  • I had two new smaller games launch.
  • And it seems as if eCPMs were just higher overall, meaning more advertisers fighting for users.

As I mentioned in my last report, I’ve been trying to focus on outsourcing a lot of my work on some of my new source codes to free up my time and try to make the app game automatic. Continue reading July App Revenue Report

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