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Review – Fish Out Of Water Splashes onto App Store

fish out of water for iPhoneIf you’re at all familiar with Halfbrick … go download Fish Out of Water right now and skip the review. You’ll thank me since I just saved you a few minutes of your day from having to read my post below. If you want a bit more convincing, then know that this is one of the freshest new games to hit the App Store in a while. You probably won’t put your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch down for a while. Still here? Read on. Continue reading Review – Fish Out Of Water Splashes onto App Store

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Green Day Revenge

Green Day Revenge is Solid Tap Tap Addition [Review]

Green Day RevengeWhile I’m not one of the proud few to know of the underground success of Green Day’s Kerplunk album back in the day, I’m glad I caught the bug when I heard their new tunes “Welcome to Paradise” and “Basket Case” from the band’s major label debut, Dookie. One of my most favorite of the band’s tracks is “When I Come Around” and is not only part of their major debut, but is featured on the recently launched Green Day Revenge from app developer extraordinaire Tapulous.

The launch coincides with the release of Green Day’s new live CD plus bonus DVD Awesome as **** released by Reprise Records on March 22 and features explosive performances captured during the band’s 2009-2010 World Tour in support of their Grammy® Award-winning album 21st Century Breakdown. Continue reading Green Day Revenge is Solid Tap Tap Addition [Review]

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ClubWorld Turns You into Nightclub VIP [Review]

ClubWorldTapulous, makers of the Tap Tap Revenge series including Green Day Revenge, is making its first foray into real-time social tycoon gaming with today’s launch of ClubWorld.

Now available in the app store, ClubWorld transforms players into nightclub VIPs, giving them the ability to design and operate their own club, play select music from one’s iTunes library or purchase and download new music from the iTunes Store. The ClubWorld app also features branded clubs from two of music’s biggest DJs and producers, Tiësto and David Guetta. Continue reading ClubWorld Turns You into Nightclub VIP [Review]

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Mooniz is Addictive iPhone Game [Review]

MoonizThe connect-three style puzzle is one of the most over saturated game categories in the iTunes store. In fact, it’s a bit disheartening when I see another developer jump on the bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong, if I were a developer, I’d probably think about entering into this category for the sheer amount of people that play these types of games. But as you can imagine, there are a lot of sub par games within the market. Thanks in large part to a bunch of “cute but cheeky critters,” I’m happy to report that Mooniz is anything but a boring connect-three puzzler.

Fun, addictive and entertaining are three such descriptors I’d use when referring to the Mooniz and may I be so bold as to say it is probably one of the best in this category that I’ve played. In fact, after I was done with the review, I kept playing. That’s how much fun I’m having with the app. Continue reading Mooniz is Addictive iPhone Game [Review]

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