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iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s? June or September? Do You Care?

new iPhone 5sLet me just say upfront that I think the iPhone is going to drop the number moniker such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s to a much simpler “iPhone” standard. Why not, the iPad did. Of course, who cares about the name? We just want to know WHEN it will arrive. The latest from a long line of industry speakeasy talk is that the iPhone 5 or just iPhone will come in June at Apple’s WWDC 2012. But most are pointing to a fall release sometime in September or October. What do you think? Continue reading iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s? June or September? Do You Care?

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Top 11 iOS 5 Features

*Originally posted by DeWayne on AppTudes.

Apple launched its much anticipated new software update, iOS 5, on October 12. iOS 5 has more than 200 features for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. All of these features put iOS on par again with some of the most popular features that can already be found on Android, Palm or Windows Phone 7, and that Apple fans have been clamoring for since the first iPhone. These are the top 10 new features: Continue reading Top 11 iOS 5 Features

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