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2048 Source Code and My New Jupiter Tile Puzzle Game

screen568x568-3Last month, I purchased the 2048 source code from Angela’s App Services. The best part was that the code was actual free if you bought the programming upgrade. Now, I know I’m a bit behind the 2048 storm, but the price was right and I saw something pretty cool that Angela’s team did. Instead of another black / white or other color scheme, they actually put a theme to it. So I thought, that’s neat, why can’t I do that? So I did.

I decided to purchase artwork through them too. All told, I spent $578 ($399 for artwork, $149 for artwork and $30 for ASO into six languages) for a turnkey game that I didn’t have to touch. Well, I put my ad IDs in and switched it over to my Apple ID info.

I went with a Galaxy / Alien theme, that I believe turned out pretty darn good. I actually have been playing the game, which is a good sign, I hope. It’s called Galaxy Jump – The Jupiter Tile Puzzle Challenge. Currently, I have it set to $.99 and it’s featured towards the top of some paid charts in various countries in their new section. I only have the “more apps” button working with ads. I’ll have an ad supported version out soon. Continue reading 2048 Source Code and My New Jupiter Tile Puzzle Game

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June 2014 App Revenue Report and App Outsourcing Tips

Show me the revenue report!

Well, June is in the books and I’m down a few hundo from $916.36 in May 2014 to $668.14 in June 2014. The good news is that there are a few reasons why It’s down. The biggest reason is that the last few months have been particularly busy in my day-to-day career of being an App PR / Marketing consultant. I’ve helped several companies launch apps and so my own development has suffered.

But there is a silver lining in this “woe is me” for not having enough time: OUTSOURCING. I’m finally starting to give up a lot of the day-to-day artwork and development of apps to my outsourcing team. A few short lessons on outsourcing: Continue reading June 2014 App Revenue Report and App Outsourcing Tips

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May 2014 App Revenue Report

“Show me the revenue report!”

I’ve been wanting to do a revenue report for some time now. Why I haven’t? Well, I’m not a big sharer of sensitive information. Welp, that’s about to change. I’ve recently made a goal to retire early. I’m 34 and need to get the passive income amped up and rolling in. To-date, I’ve been passive about my passive income, but I’ve been reading, researching, listening and just all around crushing it when it comes to putting knowledge into my brain.

So, it’s time to spill the beans about revenue and ramp this sucka up. Continue reading May 2014 App Revenue Report

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Transport Empire Now on iPad

Game Insight, creator of Airport City, has released its Victorian exploration-style economic strategy game Transport Empire for iPad.

Transport Empire is a new take on economic strategy games that lets players build their own industrial empire inspired by the Victorian Era. Players will build massive fleets of locomotives, steamboats, and airships to create a vast transport network, while also building a rich resource portfolio with mines, farms, and logging sites to develop local industry. In addition to construction and logistics, Transport Empire also offers an engaging story complete with a cast of unforgettable characters — each with their own unique story to tell — along with mysteries to solve, long-lost treasures to unearth, and even a quest to track down a legendary phantom train.

Transport Empire offers a broad range of transportation for players to manage. Players can commission five different types of locomotives that can be used either as freight or passenger trains, and can further customize each train with more than a dozen types of wagons and coaches. Players can also develop their transportation network across land, sea, and air with multiple classes of steamboats and airships to deliver cargo and travelers to faraway destinations.

trasnport empire app store




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New City Building Game Adventure Era Now Available on App Store

adventure era app store iTunesGame Insight has announced the launch of a new city building game called Adventure Era. This new game is already available for download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Adventure Era stars a young explorer whose curiosity leads him on exciting adventures to distant, unexplored worlds. The young hero will solve difficult and captivating quests, encounter new friends, discover the secret of travel between worlds, and embark on an epic expedition to find a way home. Continue reading New City Building Game Adventure Era Now Available on App Store

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Happy Birthday Blood Brothers from AppyHourTV

blood brothers happy birthday iphone ipad google play androidIn honor of the popular dark role-playing fantasy mobile game Blood Brothers celebrating its first birthday, DeNA has created a new data-packed infographic showcasing the some really amazing milestones the game has achieved in its first year on the App Store and Google Play. The numbers are quite staggering and well-deserved.

The anniversary infographic highlights Blood Brothers’ tremendous performance over the last year with stats including: Continue reading Happy Birthday Blood Brothers from AppyHourTV

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Tapsteroids Free App of the Day in Celebration of Workers’ Day

tapsteroids free app of the day on app storeJust because you may not live in Angola, Bulgaria, China, Brazil, France, Cuba, Namibia, Malta, Marshal Islands, Mozambique, Panama, Zambia or Zimbabwe … doesn’t mean you can enjoy the spoils of Workers Day. Thanks to UNAgames, mobile gamers worldwide can enjoy its Tapsteroids game as the free app of the day. But wait, that’s not all. The developers have also pushed out a major update.

May 1 is a national holiday in more than 80 countries and celebrated unofficially in many other countries, and Daniele Benegiamo, founder of UNAgames, hopes everyone around the world will enjoy his gift on this special day. Continue reading Tapsteroids Free App of the Day in Celebration of Workers’ Day

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