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iPad Retina Display

Reports are in – New iPad has Jaw-Dropping Retina Display

iPad Retina DisplayWhile there might not be a large amount of new features, the new iPad retina display is getting quite a bit of buzz. And rightly so as early reviews are glowing about how beautiful and “resolutionary” it is and how crisp text and images look on the 3.1 million pixel screen. That’s a lot of pixels.

So how did it stack up in reviews?

Well, David Phelan over at Pocketline mentions “..text which had previously seemed perfectly readable is suddenly sharper, with a crispness that rivals print. No more jagged edges on curved lines, no matter how much you squint. It’s hard to convey what a major, but also subtle, change this is. Stare at it in the right light and it looks like it could be a printed photograph, not an electronic display.”

Walt Mossberg at AllThingsD had some very nice takeaways, including ” ..its key improvements strengthen its position as the best tablet on the market.” Most poignantly, Mossberg goes onto say “It has the most spectacular display I have ever seen in a mobile device.” WOW! That’s a compliment from the tech review tycoon.

And it’s not just the magnificent retina display that is getting high praise. Macworld’s Jason Snell exclaims “And on nearly every front, the third-generation iPad is markedly better than its predecessor.”

But overall, it’s all about the display. Just ask SlashGear’s Vincent Nguyen who sums it up nicely with “The new iPad’s Retina Display does to the tablet segment what the iPhone 4′s Retina Display did to smartphones: in short, shakes it up entirely. Where the iPad 2 runs at 1024 x 768 resolution, the new iPad comes in at 2048 x 1536, meaning four times more pixels in the same 9.7-inch space. In fact, at 3.1m pixels, that’s 1m more than a Full HD television.”

So what do you think? Are you getting one?


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Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad 3 Coming?

Microsoft Office for iPadWith the picture floating around from The Daily and their supposed image a native Microsoft Office for iPad App, there is quite a bit of speculation pointing towards it being true. Although Microsoft denies it… why wouldn’t they offer it? It would be a huge revenue stream. Plus, even though I have the Mac Office Suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynote), there’s no denying the popularity of wide use  Microsoft Office.

One workaround I highly recommend (which reads almost all file types) is Documents To Go by DataViz… here’s a quick snippet from my write up on our 17 Top Office Apps for iPad that Get Things Done piece (highly recommend you take a look):

I remember my first business trip late last year when I left the laptop and did a solo flight with the iPad. I was a bit nervous because my laptop had been my life line. Besides its compact, sleek style and outstanding battery life, the ability to buy an app for under $10 that allows you to create, edit, save and email documents from Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as the iWork Suite) is downright awesome.

It is the best office replacement for iPad 2 and iPad. Add in the ability to sync with your desktop and it’s downright genius. When I got to the meeting and pulled out the iPad with keyboard, the execs where not only impressed, but very jealous. I never looked back. The iPad is the only mobile office tablet I need. Apple’s Office iWork is also a great option if you want to throw down a few more dollars.

Of course, we also have the 13 Top Free Office Apps for iPad and iPad 2 that you should check out as well.

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iPad 3 Event in March?

20120202-184005.jpgAccording to one of BGR’s sources… there have been a few photos leaked of the “upcoming” iPad 3. And while these photos don’t say anything about a March event… the Japanese blog Macotakara reported there would be an event in February, but has recently retracted that statement and moved it to March… Saying… Continue reading iPad 3 Event in March?

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