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DeNA’s New Puzzle Adventure Mobile Game Monster Match Now Available on iOS and Android

DeNA announced today that Monster Match, a puzzle and adventure game, is now available for free download on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android. Check out the trailer and the rest of the press release after the jump.

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Finally – Google Maps for iOS Coming – Allegedly

google maps app for iOS iphoneTo be honest, I absolutely love the new Apple Maps for iOS, but I love the Google Maps app for iOS a lot better. It just worked and I never had a problem with it. So you’ll all be happy to know that the Google Maps app for iOS will be available tonight … probably around 9 p.m. pacific, according to All Things Digital who had an exclusive on the news.

Of course, it’s not official, but they have “sources familiar with the matter” according to writer Liz Gannes … and she’s not one to bring info to the masses that isn’t properly vetted. So I’m betting this one is true. And why wouldn’t it be? The Apple Maps app has been battered in the press and everyone and their mother has been wanting the Google Maps app back since it left.

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Will You Update to OS X Mountain Lion Tomorrow?

OS X Mountain Lion for MacIt’s official, Apple will be releasing OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion tomorrow, Wednesday, July 25. Priced at just $19.99, the new system will include several key features such as iMessage, Game Center and Notifications. Moreover, iCloud (with over 100m accounts) is being ported, another key feature of iOS. Continue reading Will You Update to OS X Mountain Lion Tomorrow?

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Sky Defenders for iPhone and iPad

Sky Defenders Launches and Offers Super Sweet Tilting Game for iOS

Sky Defenders for iPhone and iPadOur AppyHour staff was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak at Superplay Games’ Sky Defenders tilting game for iPhone and iPad. It just launched and while we take it for a super high-flying in-depth look, here’s some information to get you going. Of course, even before our full review… we already know it’s going to be a winner.

Description: Calling all heroes! The city is being invaded by an endless horde of evil robots, and it’s up to you to hold them off long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Collect fantastic power-ups to rack up huge point scores in your quest to survive and wipe out the opposing forces. Use the online leaderboard to show your friends that you are the ultimate hero! Cowards need not apply!

Key features of Sky Defenders include:

– Top-down Survival Gameplay: To dodge and defeat waves of enemies, superheroes and heroines must maneuver the skies, collect power-ups, and chain together combos in order to rack up points and survive as long as possible

– Motion Controls: Players control their superhero by tilting the iOS device. With precise acceleration and movement, players must hone their flying skill in order to boost their score and top the leaderboards

– Collectible Power-ups: Players can gain an extra edge in combat by collecting power-ups, which are unlockable by racking up big point totals or through in-game purchases

– Facebook Integration: Sky Defenders syncs with Facebook so players will be able to compete head to head with their friends on the game’s leaderboards.

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Popular Tetris-Sudoku Hybrid KooZac Coming to iOS and Android

KooZac for iOSSquare Enix announced this morning that it has acquired the license for the award-winning puzzle game KooZac, and will soon be bringing a brand new Smartphone and tablet version of the game to iOS and Android devices. Video after the jump… Continue reading Popular Tetris-Sudoku Hybrid KooZac Coming to iOS and Android

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Chillingo Brings Woody Woodpecker to iTunes App Store

Woody Woodpecker for iOSChillingo announced that Woody Woodpecker is now available as a universal app on the iTunes App Store for $.99 so get ready for some high flying mischief and crazy tricks with your favorite feathered friend. Players can play as Woody Woodpecker and his pals as they race across green valleys and icy slopes. Speed past your opponents and grab first place by timing your touches just right. Created by renowned cartoonist Walter Lanz, the unforgettable animated collection comes to life in this addictive and hilarious racing game that’s fun for all ages.

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Combat Arms – Zombies Now Eating Brains in App Store

Combat Arms: Zombies for iOSCombat Arms: Zombies by Nexon Mobile is downright awesome. Why? It’s the first 3D Unreal Engine 3 game in the App Store, that’s why. That’s pretty amazing and will definitely put the competition to shame I’m sure.

This survival FPS game for iOS devices takes the popular Fireteam Mode from Nexon’s popular free-to-play online FPS, Combat Arms, and combines it with an immersive arena-based survival campaign. Combat Arms Online has over 8,000,000 registered users worldwide, and remains a staple in online gaming for North America, South America, and the European nations. Continue reading Combat Arms – Zombies Now Eating Brains in App Store

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