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Twitter Photo Filters for iPhone are Sweet

twitter photo filters for iPhoneIf you’ve been under a rock, then you will benefit from this post … of course, if you’re a regular Twitter iPhone app user then you already know that Twitter photo filters became available as of the last update. You also know that they’re awesome.

My only issue is that I use Instagram for my photo filter action and then just repost to Twitter so I’m not sure how much I’ll be using Twitter’s new photo filters. It does make nice for an alternative or a go-to for Twitter power users. Continue reading Twitter Photo Filters for iPhone are Sweet

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iSupr8 for iOS

Retro Video Maker iSuper8 Goes Free Thanks to Rip Curl

iSupr8 for iOSTo celebrate the 51st annual Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach this Easter, iSupr8 is free for a limited time. Super 8 film has long be lauded as one of the most beautiful and authentic stock ever to hit the filming scene. Luckily, if you have an iPhone or iPad with a camera… you don’t have to go routing around for an old style camera, you can just download iSuper8 and starting making unique and retro masterpieces asap. It’s kind of like the Instagram for video… pretty amazing stuff. Continue reading Retro Video Maker iSuper8 Goes Free Thanks to Rip Curl

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Facebook buys Instagram

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1B, Pics Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Facebook buys InstagramIn a post from Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg this morning… the enormous social networking site has agreed to acquire Instagram and bring their team aboard. The $1 billion dollar cash and stock deal announcement has already garnered 15,173 shares and 82,422 likes. Is Pinterest next? Well, that’s just speculation.

Zuckerberg mentioned “For years, we’ve focused on building the best experience for sharing photos with your friends and family. Now, we’ll be able to work even more closely with the Instagram team to also offer the best experiences for sharing beautiful mobile photos with people based on your interests.”

Can’t wait to see what innovations they come out with.

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helloalbums for iPad

Print Instagram and Facebook Photos with Helloalbums

helloalbums for iPadSure, digital images look impressive on the iPhone and iPad and yes I love the storage capabilities, but for me, there is nothing better than a good old fashioned print on the fridge or in an album. Helloalbums, by Conry Print, makes photo enthusiasts can share, print and ship photo alum’s directly from their iPad.

Helloalbums allows the user to share, print and ship a professionally printed photo book directly from their ipad. We love snapping pictures and using apps such as Instagram, but rarely do these photos leave our iPhones or Facebook. Helloalbums inspires the user to create fresh styled photo books with 8-10 photos. Share socially or order a professionally printed book treasuring your moments in paper.

The user can import photos from leading photography apps and create an entire album or just a few pages to share, save and print later. It also has unique features such as swiping photos in and out. Print out a few pages and hang them on the fridge, make a gift bag out of them, you could even make a hand made card by printing out only a spread. There are lots of possibilities.

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FX Photo Studio For iOS Is Fun And Nearly Fool-Proof

*First appeared on AppTudes.

Not only does FX Photo Studio By MacPhun (sold separately in HD for iPad $2.99) have one of the jauntiest icons in the App store, it’s also a great go-to application for photo editing that offers a sleek GUI which is both fun and easy to use. Thanks to a recent update the app is now compatible with both the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

Users can take a photo right from the app — the center of that multi-colored daisy houses a camera lens (or check out these AppTudes-approved iPhone camera apps). To work with an existing image tap the camera roll icon or import photo icon to add images to the app. FX Photo Studio is configured to download photos directly from Facebook, as soon as it receives user authorization. Not only does it access all of your photos, but it lets you edit any of your friends’ images as well. Continue reading FX Photo Studio For iOS Is Fun And Nearly Fool-Proof

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Instagram Version 1.8 Double-Tapping Goodness Photo App

Courtesy of Instagram.


Instagram, the “fast beautiful photo sharing for your iPhone” app, announced version 1.8 today with several really usable updates for its 4.25 million users. Me being one of them. I’m kind of an addict. No really, I am. And so are my pic friends @runnergirltrain, @jtenn, @yoshi_aloha, @ryanerlandsen, @imapurrson, @katiejea, @moonsent, etc.

The biggest update, dare I say improvement (since Instagram is already pretty sweet), is the double-tap to like function. Literally, just tap twice and a little white heart imprints your fondness of that pic forever. It makes perusing and liking very quick and efficient. Plus, my big fingers miss the old like button sometimes so it’s double-tapping goodness. Continue reading Instagram Version 1.8 Double-Tapping Goodness Photo App

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