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Make Numbers Fun with GoSum Mathematical Puzzle Game

GoSum for iOSThe latest app to bring out my inner math geek skills is GoSum, an addictive mathematical iOS puzzle game that tests numerical skills kind of like Words With Friends tests your alphabetical skills. All you need to do is strategically place numbered tiles on a board to achieve points. It’s a pass and play type game or you can play against your Facebook friends. You can rack up some fairly high points when you start to build off of each other’s equations. And of course, there are bonus tiles for even bigger points and you can show that score off on the leaderboards. GoSum definitely adds up to a lot of fun.

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Want to go fast? Download Newly Updated Downhill Xtreme App

Downhill Extreme for iPhoneThere’s no denying that Downhill Extreme is pure adrenaline-pumping excitement on iPhone and iPad. And now, there’s even more to get your fix with as the new update includes a new “rivals” feature, which allows you to choose your opponent from different categories. Yup, that’s right. You can now pick your battles… from World’s Best, Local, and Skill Level. And if you’re looking for a new board, you’re in luck. They’ve added the undisputed heavyweight champion Spartan board and the Signature Stijn Maes winning board from their design competition.

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Dance Like it’s 199,999,999 B.C. with Pocket God Episode 45

Pocket God 45 for iOSWhat’s better than offing a few pygmies before breakfast? Doing it while dancing. Brings a whole new meaning to “killer dance moves.” Pocket God Episode 45 Dance Dance Execution hit the App Store this week for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and I hope you’re ready to shake it, one time, on the dance floor of their all-new apocalypse chamber in the game’s latest free update. Continue reading Dance Like it’s 199,999,999 B.C. with Pocket God Episode 45

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Enchanted Realm HD for iPad

Enchanted Realm HD for iPad Takes on Evil Sorceress Morgana

Enchanted Realm HD for iPadGame Insight launched Enchanted Realm HD for iPad today. The popular fantasy-themed city-building game was initially created for Android. Both versions put players in the role of a ruler whose kingdom has been cursed by the evil sorceress Morgana. As her evil plan unfurls, players must work in the shadow of Morgana’s insidious escapades to build up their economy by planting and harvesting crops, constructing more than 50 different types of economic and housing buildings, and expanding their realm’s territory to new fantastic frontiers. Continue reading Enchanted Realm HD for iPad Takes on Evil Sorceress Morgana

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My Little Hero for iOS

New NCsoft App Pits My Little Hero Against Evil Boogeyman

My Little Hero for iOSFrom the creators who brought you iOS retro-platformer Pizza Boy (Acne Play), My Little Hero was released by NCsoft today on the App Store. Packed with a captivating story of a boy on the quest to rescue his best friend Pinky, players are challenged to hack, slash, and solve their way through four alluringly picturesque worlds of Dark Forests, Muddy Deserts, Mushy Swamps, and the Boogeyman’s Nest. Continue reading New NCsoft App Pits My Little Hero Against Evil Boogeyman

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Raccoon Rising for iOS

Raccoon Rising Now Free for iPad and iPhone

Raccoon Rising for iOSRaccoon Rising, which we called a “Must Buy” back in December, is now free on the App Store. Now it’s a “Must Download” gaming app. It’s definitely worth your time as it is an iOS platforming adventure that combines console-quality visuals with revolutionary touch controls built for iOS that let you decide where, when and how to rise against the robots. Continue reading Raccoon Rising Now Free for iPad and iPhone

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Faerie Planet for iOS

Video Trailer – Faerie Planet

Faerie Planet for iOSFaerie Planet includes Mysties, a special misty-screen faerie messaging system. Tapping on the Mystie icon enables users to draw or write a message that a faerie will send to friends in their address book. By finding faeries and adding friends to Faerie Planet, players earn faerie gold, which enables them to send and receive more Mysties. Continue reading Video Trailer – Faerie Planet

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