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Transport Empire Now on iPad

Game Insight, creator of Airport City, has released its Victorian exploration-style economic strategy game Transport Empire for iPad.

Transport Empire is a new take on economic strategy games that lets players build their own industrial empire inspired by the Victorian Era. Players will build massive fleets of locomotives, steamboats, and airships to create a vast transport network, while also building a rich resource portfolio with mines, farms, and logging sites to develop local industry. In addition to construction and logistics, Transport Empire also offers an engaging story complete with a cast of unforgettable characters — each with their own unique story to tell — along with mysteries to solve, long-lost treasures to unearth, and even a quest to track down a legendary phantom train.

Transport Empire offers a broad range of transportation for players to manage. Players can commission five different types of locomotives that can be used either as freight or passenger trains, and can further customize each train with more than a dozen types of wagons and coaches. Players can also develop their transportation network across land, sea, and air with multiple classes of steamboats and airships to deliver cargo and travelers to faraway destinations.

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New City Building Game Adventure Era Now Available on App Store

adventure era app store iTunesGame Insight has announced the launch of a new city building game called Adventure Era. This new game is already available for download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Adventure Era stars a young explorer whose curiosity leads him on exciting adventures to distant, unexplored worlds. The young hero will solve difficult and captivating quests, encounter new friends, discover the secret of travel between worlds, and embark on an epic expedition to find a way home. Continue reading New City Building Game Adventure Era Now Available on App Store

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Diamonds Blaze for Android

Diamonds Blaze Reflex-Testing Puzzler App for Android Now Available

Diamonds Blaze for AndroidGame Insight announced today that Diamonds Blaze for Android is now available. The free to play arcade-style puzzle game will challenge players to solve the mystery of magical gems mined from the core of a fairytale world centuries ago.

By matching three or more gems of the same color, players can create huge, glorious gem combinations, triggering massive score multipliers that earn them millions of points and bringing them closer to their ultimate goal: acquiring a valuable magical artifact of their own. Continue reading Diamonds Blaze Reflex-Testing Puzzler App for Android Now Available

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