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Run In Crowd for iOS

Run In Crowd App Reminiscent of Contre Jour in Design and Fun

Run In Crowd for iOSRun In Crowd is a simple and clean endless running game that pits users against friends and foes from around the world to see who can run, jump and achieve the longest distance. With a similar artistic feel to Contre Jour, the game provides just the right amount of difficulty and competition to keep even the shortest of attention spans occupied. Continue reading Run In Crowd App Reminiscent of Contre Jour in Design and Fun

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Just Survive XP Gets Updated Controls

Although there´s a wave of horror-themed games on the AppStore these days, Just Survive XP (read review) recently received an update for better control and was listed on the “What’s Hot” sections for Action/Arcade genres in the US. Do you like first shooting alien invaders? Do you like old school games like Centipede? Then Just Survive XP is for you.  Continue reading Just Survive XP Gets Updated Controls

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Dark Eden HD for iPad

Dark Eden HD is A Scary Multi-Media Reading Experience For Teens

Dark Eden HD for iPad*Originally posted on AppTudes.

Times have definitely changed in the publishing industry. Until recently, readers went to a book store or perused online for their print book of choice. Then there was the introduction of e-readers and eventually we saw major brick and mortar bookstores collapse.

Now, with the advent of mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, NOOK Color, TouchPad (R.I.P.) and impending Amazon Fire, readers can now enjoy immersive reading experiences such as Dark Eden written by Patrick Carman and published by Harper Collins in print and by By PC Studio, Inc for iOS. (available for iPad here.) Continue reading Dark Eden HD is A Scary Multi-Media Reading Experience For Teens

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Facebook iPad App Adds Photos, Games, Apps and More

The Facebook iPad app is finally here and it was worth the wait. With high-res photos, games, chat and more, the iPad app offers the best of what we all wanted and better yet, the user doesn’t have to leave their spot on the news feed.

The user can simply navigate anywhere with a tap, slide or pinch to move from one screen to another. The app also allows them to play games on the go with access to all the popular apps and games for true mobility. Other features that were integrated include tap to zoom as well as updating or messaging without leaving the screen.

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iphone 3gs free

iPhone 3GS Free at Best Buy Today Only

iphone 3gs freeOut with the old and and with the new… seems like Apple is doing a bit of a fire sale of their own trying to get rid of old inventory of the iPhone 3GS, which thanks to an anonymous tipster via TechnoBuffalo, everyone can get their hands on for free… but only today and only at Best Buy.

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MailChimp Office App

13 Top Free Office Apps for iPad 2

free clock weather news app for iPhoneCheck out the free Clock Weather News app … checking on all three at once will help you save time for other important things. With the post-pc world coming into a major tippping point with the introduction of the iPad and now iPad 2 along with the numerous tablets coming to the market such as the HP TouchPad with webOS, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked what are the top free office apps for iPad 2?

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More often than not, I’m quick to point out that the best office app for iPad 2 you should download is Documents to Go, but that’s $9.99 and you want the top free office apps for iPad 2. Okay, okay.

The iPad, with it’s extraordinary touch interface and small, yet powerful build, made a post-pc world a reality. Since Apple introduced it, I’ve been a mobile computer iPad power user and thus have been in search of the top free office apps for iPad 2 and iPad classic. Continue reading 13 Top Free Office Apps for iPad 2

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