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Higher Chartboost eCPMs this week

Anyone noticing higher Chartboost eCPMs this week? Well, for one, summer is in session so kids from across the country are playing more games, longer. I can only assume big developers are pouring money into the market even crazier than before.


I hope you all have tons of games in the queue! I know I do. Just picked up a pack from Carter Thompson that should prove fruitful if any of the stats he shared are even remotely close. Very much looking forward to diving into the new codes.

Anyway, I’ve also noticed a few war games paying very high eCPMs for a few of my games. Those games have had steady downloads over the past several months so I’m sure they were big fish. Saw two downloads yesterday bring in $10 per download. Dang! If only that happened for every install I sent someone!

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