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Timberman Source Code on Chupamobile Review

HEROWell, we already have the new Flappy Bird and it’s called Timberman. So simple it’s addictive, Timberman truly is a gem of a game … so much so that it has nearly 4,000 ratings with a 4.5 average and is trending at the top of the App Store charts. So naturally, I wanted to find the source code and make a few new themes for it. Luckily, it only took me about 2 minutes to find the Timberman source code on Chupamobile.

I can honestly say that it is setup to monetize.

Priced at just $139 for a single user license and $199 for a┬ámultiple app license, the Timberman source code is a very interesting prospect to add to your app portfolio or start your app empire with. And as of last count … there are only 8 apps tagged with the keyword Timberman sooooo, you’re welcome. That’s a little App Store Optimization (ASO) trick for you.

Why do I like Timberman source code? Continue reading Timberman Source Code on Chupamobile Review

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