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Cellhelmet to Offer Guaranteed Screen Protection for iPhone, Tablets and More

cellhelmet screen protectors for iphone and tabletsCellpig, the makers of the cellhelmet iPhone 4 and 4S case that offers to replace or repair your iPhone should it break inside of their case, is expanding their offerings. While the project is already underway, they plan to ship mid-September with their guaranteed screen protection for most phones and tablets, via cellhelmet Screen Protectors, including the upcoming iPhone 5 (sixth generation iPhone). According to them, they are now the only company in the world guaranteeing that they’ll replace your screen/glass (phone or tablet), if you get a scratch through their screen protectors. Continue reading Cellhelmet to Offer Guaranteed Screen Protection for iPhone, Tablets and More

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Cellhelmet iPhone 4 and 4S Case Guarantees Your Phone’s Protection

20120209-121057.jpgRiddle me this Batman… you just bought an expensive iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and you now want to protect it. Do you by a cheap and flimsy case that might look good, but lacks the durability to protect your phone or do you go with one of the upcoming cellhelmets that if your phone ever breaks inside one of their cases the company will repair or replace it – guaranteed?

That’s right, the super durable and very slick looking Cellhelmet iPhone case just received full funding on Kickstarter and is expected to be available sometime in March and will provide the guarantee for US and Canadian residents. Note that it still doesn’t include water damage, but hey, who would?

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