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Apple Receives Criticism for New Maps App

Apple Receives Criticism for new Maps App
Image: TechCrunch

*Guest Post from Simon Drew

When Apple unveiled the beta version of iOS 6 back in the summer, the new Maps app was one of Apple’s proudest additions. Dispensing with Google Maps, the new app promised an impressive 3D flyover mode and turn-by-turn navigation for the first time. But while Apple promised the world back at WWDC it seems that most iPhone owners who have used the new app are less than impressed.

Ungoogling the iPhone
The new app resulted from Apple’s on-going disagreement with Google regarding Android. Apple has been keen to remove the search giant’s presence from its iPhones and iPads including the YouTube and Google Maps apps that have been present since the first iPhone. Apple announced it would not renew its YouTube license and would replace Google Maps with a new app. Continue reading Apple Receives Criticism for New Maps App

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