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Swingball Pro Uses Paddle to Smack Boss Virtually

Swingball ProEver wish you could play swingball from the Eiffel Tower or smack your bosses face [virtually]? Well, now you can with the Swingball Pro iPhone app now available in the Apple App Store for free.

The purpose of the game is to whack a tennis ball consectuviely to progress to the next level within a certain amount of time. To make things challenging, you battle Swingball Sam who tries to get you off your game.

Now, Swingball Pro at first sight seemed a bit off, but after a few rounds it was pretty fun. The reason why I wasn’t captivated right away was due to the low amount of hits you had to get before moving onto the next level. This didn’t allow me to get a rhythm and chopped the game up too much. However,  once you get into level 3 or 4 you’ll find the game to be quite fun as you can get a rhythm going and enjoy the back and forth gameplay.

However, be aware that you should not take this game slow. Since there is a time limit you’ll want to hit the ball faster and with more accuracy as that will up the velocity of the ball and allow you to get more hits in. This is key to progressing in the game.

As you battle Sam through Swingball Pro you’ll unlock bonus stages as the aforementioned Eiffel Tower and many other stages in New York, Tokyo, London and more. And the fun part of these bonus rounds is the ability to import a picture onto the ball you’re hitting. Have a jerk of a boss? Kids behaving badly? Take it out on Swingball Sam.

The fact that the price of Swingball Pro is free along with its quite fun gameplay makes it an easy download. Try your forearm and back arm out on the lite version to see if you have what it takes to jump into the paid version and be a professional swingball player.

Swingball Pro in Real Life

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