Super Crossfire HD Video Review

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Super Crossfire HD (universal) by Chillingo is a tremendously well done ode to the past when shooting invaders and asteroids on a two-dimensional screen down at the local arcade was all the rage. There’s only one other game that I’ve enjoyed almost as much in this genre and that was Infinity Field, which is also from Chillingo. See a pattern here? I think they’re onto something.

While this shooter does not feature a storyline, the amount of action that it does offer will more than make up for it. Of course, sometimes I find myself skipping past most stories so being able to just jump in and start shooting was very refreshing. In fact, I’m playing as I write because I can’t put it down. It’s that good. But what makes it so addictive?

Is it the shapes? No, they’re impressive, but nothing I’d go around boasting to the world about. What about the graphics? Those are great too, but no. But what then?
Position warping.

That’s right, the shooter genre will never be the same. Ok, that might be a bit much, but this feature is, well, awesome. While shooting, sliding from side-to-side and dodging the enemies’ weapons the player is able to use a double tap gesture to warp their ship to the other side of the screen. That just blew a few minds.

There is no sarcasm in this either. I truly feel that this is a great feature. It adds a third dimension to gameplay. Instead of just sliding back and forth and dodging bullets, the game now features the ultimate ninja move – the disappearing act.

The enemy shoots at the ship’s current position and bam, gone. Now the ship is above them shooting at their aft. Of course, as sneaky as the move is, the enemies weren’t built with subpar AI. They too can shoot backwards. In fact, they sometimes shoot front then back just in anticipation of an aft attack. Oh how this provides the addictive mixture for hours of gameplay.

Visually stunning retro graphics, simple and to the point gameplay sans story along with its beautiful integration of position warping makes Super Crossfire HD a must buy.

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