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Blast Through Space With Super Cyclone

Super Clone for iPhone*Originally posted by Andrew on AppTudes.

Super Cyclone, from is a killer shooter because it brings together many features to create a game that stands apart from others in the genre for iOS.

Super Cyclone takes place in the far reaches of outer space, where a lone pilot is sent on a mission to defend the stargates from a strange species of aliens. The wellbeing of the entire solar system is placed squarely on the player. If the stargates are destroyed the aliens will be free to enter our solar system and wreak havoc upon humanity.

Currently Super Cyclone sports 21 levels, each with their own types of unique aliens to defend against. Fortunately on each Miniclip keeps things fresh and new. With each new type of alien comes a new tactic to learn and adapt to, and this is where Super Cyclone excels.

Game Center Achievements will have players returning time and time again.While the game doesn’t do much in terms of revolutionizing space-shooters, it does do incredibly well improving established basics of the genre and pushes them forward. Well done retina display graphics as well as smooth animations offer players an in-depth and enjoyable experience.

There aren’t many major issues to speak of when playing Super Cyclone, the only real improvement that could be made would be to give kills a greater impact. When playing and decimating endless hordes of aliens and debris defeating each one eventually results in a lack of fulfillment. Perhaps a bit more focus on the destruction of enemies, be it via more meaningful sound effects or a visual spectacle there is room for improvement.

Overall however, Super Cyclone is a very solid package brought with loads of interesting enemies and levels to deal with. With the promise of future updates, more levels and a nice set of achievements Miniclip ensures that players will be coming back to defend our solar system time and time again.

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