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Shorts or Not Checks Local Weather for Shorts Lovers

Shorts or NotWho here loves the sun? Yes, most of us do. Ever roll out of bed and have that burning question in your head of “Do I wear shorts or not?” Yes, me too. However, I live in a rainy area so unfortunately it’s more of a not. But I digress and as summer gets closer you’ll be wonder the same and wanting an answer and luckily there’s an app for that and it’s free.

The Shorts or Not app does exactly what it says, but in a really unique and interesting way that is customizable by the user. Simply press the find out now button and get an up-to-date forecast for your area and the ultimate decision – is it shorts weather or not.

The app is very easy to setup as you decide what temperature is appropriate for you to wear shorts or not. This app is perfect for the hardcore and casual shorts aficionado and as the developer says, “Never leave the house again in the wrong clothes, simply ask yourself Shorts or Not?”

Download the Shorts or Not app from the Apple App Store.

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