ScanBizCards Lite Business Card Scanner for iPhone

ScanBizCardsThere are some really great free apps for iPad 2 and iPhone and ScanBizCards is one of them. It truly is a gets things done app and is one of the best office apps for iPhone I’ve used.

Of course, while the lite version is free, there is a more robust option for $5.99 that offers more features. However, the lite version is very useful and supports business cards in Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek, Finnish, French and many other languages.

And of course, ScanBizCards is one of my favorite business card readers due to the fact that not only does it scan the business card and add the contact to my address book, it also goes beyond and adds the following features:

  • Double-sided cards support! [not available in ANY other app]
  • Take new photo or import from photo album
  • Automatic Orientation Detection
  • Optional cropping
  • Add to iPhone address book (and Outlook)
  • Create as new contact or merge with existing
  • Assign to group / create new group
  • side-by-side editing of recognized text
  • Define custom fields
  • Add notes
  • Support landscape orientation

### Extended Features ### [Not found in any other app!]

  • Automatically send a quick intro email and your own VCard to the new contact
  • Forward contact to a colleague (text + image + VCard)
  • Send LinkedIn invite in one touch without leaving the app
  • “Touch & Go”: touch a phone number to call / SMS, email or URL
  • Organize cards in categories
  • Flip through cards in cover flow 3D view
  • Search & Sort
  • Dial/SMS contacts on iPad/iPod Touch via Skype integration
  • Calendar integration to add reminder to follow-up with new contact
  • NEW: one-touch direct export to as new lead
  • Export selected cards to Excel CSV for importing into other CRM backends
  • Evernote integration – upload/download card images to/from Evernote
  • Import email signature as new contact

Once you install the app, register for web sync by touching the web sync button on the main page, then install the app also on your iPad and sign-in (no register this time) with the same credentials. This will set the app such that any card you scan on the iPhone syncs with the iPad and vice-versa.

Now to the web part: web sync also places the cards for you to interact with online. Go here and sign-in with the same credentials.

To scan a card online, just upload a new card (Batch Actions -> Upload Cards), click to open it and look for “Open Image Editor” on the bottom left. You’ll be able to then see that new card & the scan results on your iOS devices (may take up to 5 min to sync, touch the Web Sync bar in the app then Sync Now to make it happen more quickly).

Seriously, ScanBizCards is one of my most used apps. It’s robust, easy to use and one of the best developed apps on the market to keep you organized and get things done.

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