Run in Game Running iPhone App

Run in Game Turns Life into Running Game via iPhone

Run in Game Running iPhone AppRun in Game seems like a pretty sweet running app and it’s free for a limited time. Has anyone used it yet? I’ve downloaded it, but am waiting to check it out.

At first glance, the iPhone running app seems very robust. Here are some of its features:


  • Combination of GPS, motion track, the pace of statistical functions of the Running assistant, according to a combination of a variety of data and better measurement error correction.
  • GPS is not used in the state (such as using iPod Touch, or indoor workout time), you can also continue your activities.
  • You can use GPS functions by connecting a Bluetooth GPS module for iPod Touch.
  • Support Retina HD display, make the world more clearly.
  • Support background running mode when using GPS functions.The data can be accurately calculated even the screen turned off .
  • Combination of sports and game design, you can receive bonus points during the run, and after each exercise, based on distance, pace frequency, total time of movement, range of motion, etc., the exp. value calculated, so that you continue to upgrade, but also can get gold medals and awards.
  • A good combination with the Map, you can accurately record and display your motion path.
  • Solve the problem all over the map offset, adjust the offset level visualization.
  • In the map view, each time the movement trajectory based on past Medal of randomly generated, near the reward points when you award points will be given, and a number of campaigns will increase your income.
  • Game Center with list functions to your game data movement and sharing of users around the world, and you can see thelatest rankings of fans and friends around the world .
  • A rich set of interesting achievements, a number of stage success, the long-term exercise is more your sense of purpose, and can at any time found surprises.
  • 7 day exercise health of the design, and limited the maximum use of distance mode. If you do not adhere to exercise, the exercise proceeds will be reduced. More gold coins will need to pay to increase the maximum use of your distance.
  • Summary view and calendar view allowing you to clearly see your total physical activity and monthly / weekly healthy amount of exercise. And can see the movement of the specific attributes of each day, and the path in map. History will be automatically combined total amount of exercise each day to facilitate viewing.
  • Built-in TTS (text to speech) voice engine always use a variety of voice prompts for your current movement.
  • Broadcast your accomplishments to the world via Twitter and Sina Weibo.• Your can get gold coins though running activities. Sharing your sports information with friends will receive additional coins. Gold can be used to increase the valid distance, and the value of the medals and gain double experience, so you quickly climbed to the forefront of the list.

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