Run In Crowd for iOS

Run In Crowd App Reminiscent of Contre Jour in Design and Fun

Run In Crowd for iOSRun In Crowd is a simple and clean endless running game that pits users against friends and foes from around the world to see who can run, jump and achieve the longest distance. With a similar artistic feel to Contre Jour, the game provides just the right amount of difficulty and competition to keep even the shortest of attention spans occupied.

There is only one goal of the game and that is to get as far as possible without falling into a pit or hitting an ill-placed box. The simplicity of the game is refreshing and allows the casual gamer to jump right in and enjoy a few games or the hardcore app addict keep trying for the longest distance time and time again. While there is no level selection, the developer mentions that the world that the game is played in changes every day so the placement of pits, boxes and platforms continually morph.

One thing remains the same and that’s that the double jump is an essential part of the the user’s survival. This is where the difficulty of the game will keep the user on the lower scoring board or help master the game and become a top player. Since the game is a continuous side scroller, the player constantly is approaching flat and elevated platforms to jump over short and long pits. As they progress so does their speed, which makes mastering the double jump a necessity. The user can simply tap once to jump and then tap again to make a mid-air second jump to get to the faraway platform. However, hit the second tap too early and it’s in the pit or too late and the user will jump over the platform and into the other side of the pit.

Run In Crowd┬áis cross-platform and users can play against anyone from around the world regardless if they’re on iOS or Android. This makes for a true social competition. This, plus its simplicity make this game a fun and enjoyable experience for a quick play or longer run at the high score, but good luck as the simpleness doesn’t mean it isn’t difficulty to achieve the top spot.

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  1. Yeah, I love cross-platform which adds competition to it. And the design of gameplay provide gamers with an experience of achievement.

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