RaOne: Genesis Based on Bollywood Action Film RaOne

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RaOne, which stars Shah Rukh Khan and who also conceptualized the film, is now a mobile action-packed 3-D arcade game for iPad and iPhone. RaOne: Genesis, the free-to-play shooter game, puts the gamer in the role of G. One. Of course, like the Bollywood megastar, G. One is a mighty superhero who will stop at nothing until he defeats the “RaOne” and its minions and saves the world from its wrath.

One of the great features of the game is the superhero-like abilities, including the ability to utilize electricity to obliterate any form of evil minion. Why this game is addicting is directly related to the relentless full frontal assaults by RaOne’s evildoers. They are intense and a lot of fun to battle through.

But that isn’t all. Like any respectable action film, this game goes beyond a few oohs and awes and provides an extraordinary amount of over-the-top battling fun against big bad bosses. And while the player is defeating minions and bosses, they’ll feel like they’re on the set of a film as the futurist terrain is both surreal and eye-pleasing.

“With the many strategic firsts that RaOne is bringing to the country, the first ever superhero social game on the most powerful medium today takes it to a whole new level,” said Shah Rukh Khan, referring to his character’s social avatar. “The game has been specially conceptualized to ensure that it reaches out to all the audiences that are eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the superhero, ‘G.One.’ This is the perfect opportunity for gamers to get introduced and engage with ‘G.One,’ understand his fantastic abilities and immerse themselves in the game and become superheroes!”

As the gamer finishes the levels and thinks they’ve defeated the game, they’ll have to think again as the game will be introducing new levels to allow the story to continue and progress. A morph that I’m sure will be welcomed.

For its immersive gameplay and visual graphics,  RaOne: Genesis is a must download. It’s price tag is quite enticing as well, but don’t be fooled. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it lacks in any area. It’s a solid game.

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