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Quiz Climber is Trivia App Entertainment for iPhone

Quiz Climber iOSI’m not a big fan of pop quizzes, however, I am a huge fan of quiz games, especially when a Quizzel (or flying squirrel) is involved and the game is published by Chillingo (yup, Angry Birds and Cut the Rope). Their latest addition, in cahoots with Relentless Software, is Quiz Climber.

While there is a free ad-supported version, you’ll have no reason not to purchase the $1.99 game as it is not only challenging and fun, but also is a great way to challenge your friends in a game of the brain.

The Quiz Climber app for iPhone and iPod touch is the perfect blend of film, music, planet, sports etc. trivia mixed in with a touch of silly characters and fantastic gameplay.

My favorite question so far… “What color is Johnny Cash most associated with?” Well, if you know anything about the man in black, you should know the answer.

One really great aspect about the game is the ability to compete against your friends and family in the ultimate social challenge to prove who really is the the party trivia king or queen.

As you answer questions correctly, you’ll climb the tree (or the tree of knowledge as I call it) from branch to branch. And as expected, as you move up… so does the difficulty of the questions.

If the question does get too hard, never fear, as a lifeline can save your turn. At first, the only way to earn these lifelines is buying one or inviting friends. Otherwise, you’ll have to play quite a few times to earn enough points to then trade for these lifelines.

There are several points about the game that are really fun, including:

  • Gameplay with friends… beating their scores and seeing them on your eyes only tree
  • Plenty of questions covering all subjects including sport, music, film, science, entertainment, nature, the world, TV, people, the arts, history, literature and general knowledge
  • New questions are added every two weeks without the need to update your game
  • Earn lifelines as you play – get a ‘second chance’ when you most need it
  • Compete each week to beat your friends before the scores reset.
  • Beautiful graphics and gameplay designed by Relentless, the BAFTA winning developers of Buzz

Overall, the combination of challenging your friends and trying to go at it alone along with the immense library of questions and fun gameplay, makes Quiz Climber a must download for trivia enthusiasts and app lovers looking for a good time.

Quiz Climber on YouTube

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