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Pirate Puzzles Is A Swashbuckling Good Time – Win Promocode

Pirate Puzzles for iPhone*Originally posted by Hillary on AppTudes.

Pirate Puzzles, (Universal) by Ayars Animation combines a swashbuckling pirate theme and jigsaw puzzles in a nicely packaged app that is sure to entertain young children. Children and parents will enjoy the different puzzles together in this delightful app.

Pirate Puzzles starts off fairly simple, and becomes increasingly complex. There are two puzzle sets to enjoy and each puzzle unlocks after a preceding puzzle is completed. The interface is simple to use. Children are directed to a puzzle to complete. Simply tap and hold on a puzzle piece and drag it to the correct spot. Not sure if it’s the right piece? No worries with Pirate Puzzles.

When a child drags a puzzle piece close to or over the correct spot, the background piece wiggles. This is a form of error free learning that helps to ensure children are successful in putting the puzzle together. This is a particularly nice feature to have, especially as the puzzles become increasingly complex.

Each completed puzzle is an illustrated designed with the young pirate lover in mind. Ideal for ages 3-7, Pirate Puzzles rewards children with a cute animation after completing a challenge.

Once children complete the first set of puzzles, they are rewarded with a lively song and animation from the pirates themselves. The song is not necessary per se, but it’s cute and and a great reward for young kids.

This is a great app to use for reinforcing visual motor skills in young children. The control are fluid and it’s easy to manipulate the puzzle pieces even for the littlest hands.
Pirate Puzzles would benefit greatly by having the option to turn on and off the automatic clues for puzzle placement. There is no real challenge here for kids over five.

While this is a relatively simple app, it is really cute and engaging for preschool children. The price fair for an app of this caliber.


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