PhotoCircle Now Available for Private Photo Sharing

photocircle for iphoneI’m a huge fan of taking photos. Instagram is on my first screen on my iPhone and iPad and I’ve shared a bazillion images on Facebook and Twitter. I’m the epitome of a photo-crazed social sharer. However, the pics I share are for public use and usually of non-personal objects. When it comes to my personal images of say, my daughter or son, I tend to shy away from over sharing. So when a friend told me about PhotoCircle, an app that lets you share photos between private groups, I thought I’d give it a try.

So far, it’s working very well and gives me a bit more peace of mind that my personal pics aren’t out on the interwebs. I’m currently working on a full review and will share shortly, but in the mean time, make sure to check PhotoCircle out on the App Store. A few details below.

iTunes Description
You’re together with friends, and it’s a day to remember. Capture the memories in a shared photo album. Simply put your phones together to create a PhotoCircle, and then start taking pictures. It’s fast, private, and simple. One photo album for you, your friends, and a beautiful day.

  • Easier and cheaper than sending photos by text message
  • Great for birthdays, weddings, or get-togethers
  • Photos are instantly shared when you’re together or apart
  • It’s private – what happens in the Circle stays in the Circle
  • Easily add friends by putting your phones together
  • Add friends remotely by sending a link
  • Unlimited photos in each Circle
  • Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and other mobile devices

PhotoCircle on YouTube

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