Otterbox Utility Series Latch

Otterbox Utility Series Latch is All-Around Lifesaver

Otterbox Utility Series LatchYou never know the power of a product like the Otterbox Utility Series Latch until it exhibits a very special ability to facilitate what could have been an annoying-listening-to-your-crying-one-year-old daughter because she’s not as enthusiastic about road trips and camping as you. I’m talking about the Otterbox case that saved my family’s sanity this past Labor Day weekend when we hit the good old blacktop in search of a bit of solace to commemorate an extended week of no work.

I understand that before iPads, TouchPad fire sales and the NOOK Color, we actually just listened to our kids cry. However, as a traveler, dad and husband, I want to ensure that our travels are fun and the only thing we remember is the transforming outdoor family experiences instead of the long car ride. And that’s exactly what the Otterbox Utility Series Latch allows you to do. Seriously, it’s a huge life savor.

I often ask myself, just like many, about what I did before smartphones… heck, before Zach Morris-style cell phones. With the advancing technology, road trips seem easier. From being able to call a tow truck to being able to play Dora the Explorer or let your little one interact with a good storybook such as iStoryTime’s How to Train Your Dragon, technology just made lives easier.

Of course, technology, in my opinion, will never replace interacting with your family on a one-on-one dynamic, but it’s there when you need it… ergo, when you kid hates traveling in the car. So back to my family’s camping trip. Over the past year, we’ve been going back and forth between our house and the grandparent’s house and that three-hour drive usually consists of me or my wife trying to entertain our daughter so that we hear less crying and experience more of the open road.

For whatever reason, and I consider myself a techie, I never thought to utilize one of the bazillion iPad cases such as the Otterbox Utility Series Latch. Instead, we just winged it… and that did not work. So, after getting the it in the mail and due to my lack of enthusiasm for crying babies, I installed it on the passenger side of the car and turned Dora on.

Silence is golden.

Let me repeat, silence is golden. The joy on our daughter’s face that she could watch Dora in the car instead of stare at the back of our heads… or worse yet, deal with our ill-fated attempts at entertainment, was priceless. She made one peep and then “Doooooraaaa”.

Not only was it great for our daughter, but it was extremely easy to install. Literally, it took one strap and we were on our way. Plus, it comes a with a cover so when you have to leave the car and when it’s not in use and you want to prevent any possible confusion between where she thinks she needs to throw her food or drink… it’s there.

I have to say, if you have a kid, love traveling or just need an all-around good case/latch, the Otterbox Utility Series Latch is a must have. You won’t be sorry and you’ll get plenty of use from it. Besides, silence is golden.

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