OtterBox iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case

OtterBox iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case is a Must Have

OtterBox iPhone 4 Reflex Series CaseYou know that feeling when you try on a new shirt or pair of pants or any article of clothing and you get that calm sense of “Oh, that feels good”. Well, I felt the same sensation when I put on my new black and sexy OtterBox iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case for the first time.

Now, some people may think it’s a bit geeky to geek out over your iPhone case, but in reality, my iPhone is my main connection to my family, friends, social networks, games, videos, music, etc. so finding the right iPhone 4 case is an essential part of my experience. Not only is the OtterBox iPhone 4 Reflex good looking, it’s also one of the toughest cases I’ve found.

But what makes the OtterBox iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case so awesome? First, it’s also compatible with the white iPhone 4 so we’re all covered. Also, and this is my major hangup of most iPhone cases, it’s not big and bulky, yet it is very sturdy and protective.

The good folks at OtterBox say that the case incorporates “revolutionary, rule-defying technology”. Well, if that means awesomeness in a hardshell that is lightweight… consider me a fan.

Next up is it’s ability to take a hit. For me, this is a big one as I’ve cracked four screens of my previous iPhone 3G as well as even crack the actual phone itself. Yes, I drop my phones all the time and it’s not because I’m some outrageously active person. I just happen to be an iPhone power user and haven’t met a situation I couldn’t or didn’t need to use my phone in. Literally, I use my phone as a cutting board sometimes. Ok, I don’t really, but I’m sure the OtterBox iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case could take it. Shoot, it could probably even make the recipe for you, but I digress.

Back to it taking a hit. The case leaves a slight buffer of air, which OtterBox says is inspired by the crumple zone of a car so basically if you drop your phone the case takes the brunt of the hit. That’s a good thing. Trust me.

The form factor of the case is fantastic and it’s two-piece design makes snapping it over the ¬†phone and into place easy, easy and easy. You’d think that it would be more susceptible to falling off, but it’s not. It holds into place nice and snug. Also, the two piece design allows the iPhone 4 case to be very, very tough instead of having to leave elasticity for putting a one piece around the phone.

Who is this case for? Everyone. Since it looks good, feels good and also protects everyone from their own clumsiness, I’d say no matter who you are the OtterBox iPhone 4 Reflex Series Case¬†($44.95) is a must buy.

Sweet Slow-Mo Video of Dropped Case

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