Nexon Mobile Launches MapleStory – Cave Crawlers for iOS

MapleStory: Crave Crawlers for iOSNexon Mobile Corporation has launched an arcade-style game, MapleStory: Cave Crawlers, the iOS version of the internationally known MapleStory by Nexon Co. Ltd. Jumping into the game is made simple by the one-touch input control movement, which transforms the conventional RPG play mechanics. Customization and enhancement are readily available in-game. Each character class will flaunt a variety of battle skills that can be learned, and equipment can be enchanted to make them even more powerful.

MapleStory: Cave Crawlers unfolds the adventure of warriors who battle and explore the dungeons of Maple World. Players can freely interact with characters within the Town, from trading items in the Shop to learning new skills at the Tavern.

Nexon mention that the game will receive regular updates to enhance and challenge the player’s gaming experience. In addition to the five dungeons now available, regular updates will add new dungeons and welcome curious players to explore deeper into Maple World. The dungeons will have a variety of vibrant themes, monsters and bosses.

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