News RoundUp – Apple, Malware, Samsung, Sprint, PinkBerry

Mobile Malware –┬áThis isn’t really new news as far as Mac and malware go, but luckily Apple’s iOS remained untouched by malware as well during the second quarter. Check out Symantec’s full report on “A Window Into Mobile Device Security“, but really just take my word for it that you’re safe on your iPhone and iPad.

iPad still growing… duh – Well, we all know that the iPad is the tablet to beat (RIP TouchPad) and now another company trying to take a stab has posted less-than-awesome quarterly financials. Taiwan PC maker Acer, even though they say it’s mostly due to a correction period based on a new strategy as well as severance for big salaries, hasn’t seen much growth in it’s refocus on mobile. [via Guardian]

Apple Slaps Samsung in the Face – So Apple “allegedly” altered photos of Samsung’s Galaxy S… there must be something to their case since a Dutch court banned the sale of three of Samsung’s phones (sin Galaxy Tab tablets). Of course, in their defense, Stanley Kubrick beat Apple to the punch. [via PCWorld]

Sprint Latest in iPhone Space Race – Hello Sprint. Welcome to the wild wild west of the iPhone. May you live long and prosper. According to the WSJ, Sprint is getting the iPhone 5 / new version and will be selling it in October. [via WSJ]

Apple Dominates Retail Sales – RetailSails reported that Apple’s stores make more moola per square foot than any other U.S. retailer… yes, even Pinkberry. [via CNET]

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