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EA Launches New Tetris iPhone Game on the App Store

tetris for iphoneEA Mobile, and The Tetris Company have launched a re-imagined version of Tetris for iPhone, the über popular puzzle game that has captivated many since its debut in 1984. The new Tetris App gives fans access to new features that give them new ways to play on their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

No, this is not an upgrade of the previous version. It’s new. The other one has been pulled so this will be a new purchase for everyone. This version features newer graphics and three game modes, which are Marathon Mode, a brand new level-based Galaxy Mode, where players can use game-changing power ups to get big points and the Marathon One Touch Mode, a simple and easy-to-use control scheme for Marathon mode that is specially designed for touch screen gameplay. Other features include:

  • New gameplay challenges delivered via the never-before-seen Tetris Log system.
  • Tetris Rank functionality that tracks players’ lifetime “lines cleared” to assign an overall rank.
  • Ability to subscribe to the T-Club, the only Tetris fan club to give members exclusive access to new mobile challenges and content.

“The Tetris App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch was specifically designed to let players experience a re-imagined Tetris universe including the traditional Tetris gameplay they know and love,” said Bernard Kim, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for EA™ Interactive. “The innovative new features are sure to bring hours of frenzied fun for both newcomers and seasoned Tetris fans.”

For a fee of $2.99 per month or $29.99 for a year, consumers who download Tetris can also subscribe to the T-Club, an elite Tetris fan club that gives members access to exclusive discounts and content, premium Tetris Log challenges, and a booster to progress their Tetris Rank faster.

“The One Touch feature in this new Tetris game is ground-breaking and it’s the type of inventiveness we have been waiting for. It’s the difference between driving a stick shift and an automatic,” said Henk Rogers, Managing Director of The Tetris Company. “We are always looking for new ways for our fans to play Tetris and this new mobile version makes a revolutionary addition to the Tetris family of games.”

Tetris is now available for $.99.

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