New Nest Smoke Detector Now Available for Pre Order

nest protectSmoke detectors … the last thing you never think about … just after your thermostat. Nest, the company who put the thermostat on the map, is now in the business of smoke detectors and I have the email to prove it.

The Nest Protect, “the next big thing idea from Nest,” can alert you to an emergency, where the emergency is coming from, i.e. upstairs bedroom, downstairs bathroom, etc. as well as alert you via your smartphone when the batter is low. Pretty neat. You can pre order the device here. More info after the jump.

It’s time for the next big idea from Nest. And we want you to be the first to know about it. We’ve reinvented the smoke alarm. Rather than yelling at you for burning the toast, Nest Protect gives you a friendly Heads-Up. You can even silence false alarms with a wave of your hand instead of a towel. And in an emergency, it tells you what the danger is and where it is. Nest Protect can also get in touch with your smartphone. You’ll get a message when the batteries run low so you can replace them and avoid the dreaded low-battery chirp at midnight.

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