MonkeyPaw Games Showcasing Savory Livestreams Today for BurgerTime World Tour on Xbox LIVE Arcade

BurgerTimeWhile we at AppyHour usually stick to the iOS and Mac platforms… we’re gamers at heart and we couldn’t pass up this tasty treat. Of course, you can still check out BurgerTime Deluxe on the app store too. In the mean time…

MonkeyPaw Games today celebrates the launch of BurgerTime World Tour for Xbox LIVE Arcade with several savory worldwide livestreams on Justin.tv. The global livestreams, hosted seperately by Destructoid.com and PatrickScottPatterson.com will begin at 1PM PST (4PM EST) and feature several exciting events including exclusive interviews with the makers of the re-invented title, new game reveals, competitions pitting famous gaming industry personalities versus the game’s developers and burger eating contests. The livestreams are expected to last into the early evening and can be simultaneously viewed on the PatrickScottPatterson.com portal.

Groton, CT gamer Eric Cummings will also be firing up his classic Nintendo Entertainment System and taking aim at the official world record score on the original BurgerTime cartridge for the system. According to Twin Galaxies, the current BurgerTime world record on the NES version is 225,650, a score Cummings has been able to triple in practice games.

Schedule of events:
1:00PM PST – Hands-on gameplay and interview with MonkeyPaw Games president John Greiner about retro classics and the reasoning behind the new BurgerTime

2:00PM PST – Online tournament versus Frozen Codebase, the developers of BurgerTime World Tour and exclusive interview with Working Designs’ Victor Ireland

3:00PM PST – Burger-eating contests and live coverage of the World Record Score Attempt for the NES BurgerTime by Eric Cummings.

4:00PM PST – Online competitions versus livestream audience and exclusive game reveal by MonkeyPaw Games

5:00PM PST – Blind taste test for burgers concluded; interviews with famous gaming personalities and limited-edition prize giveaways via the chat

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