Moebius: Empire Rising Now Available for Preorder with 20% Discount Plus Free Soundtrack

Phoenix Online Publishing has announced that Moebius: Empire Rising — a paranormal thriller from Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen — is one step closer to release, with a public demo and preorder now available.

Until the game’s April 15 release, people who preorder directly from Phoenix or from other online stores (including Steam, GOG, and GamersGate) get a 20% discount plus a free soundtrack. Check out the demo here.

Press Release: Long-awaited sci-fi thriller adventure game Moebius: Empire Rising™ is now available for preorder from POStudios. Players will enjoy an exclusive, limited-time 20% discount and receive a free copy of the game’s soundtrack if they preorder from or Steam,, GamersGate and other major retailers by April 15, 2014.

A demo of the game, recently named one of the year’s most-anticipated titles by GamesRadar, is now available as well in advance of the full game’s release on April 15. Players can experience the demo as well as a new development diary featuring master storyteller Jane Jensen — the award-winning creator of the Gabriel Knight® series, who has been hailed as “the Agatha Christie of adventure games” — at

This long-awaited mystery thriller raised more than $435,000 in May 2012 as one of gaming’s first big Kickstarter successes. When the full game releases for PC and Mac on April 15, Moebius: Empire Rising will also be one of the first major crowd-funded adventures to ship. Moebius: Empire Rising is the veteran designer’s first adventure game since 2010’s Gray Matter, and the first she has completely overseen since Gabriel Knight® 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned in 1999.

Jane Jensen’s next project is a Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th anniversary remake, which will ship later this year.


Set in Cairo, the Moebius demo introduces players to Malachi Rector, a prickly antiques dealer with a genius for history. After the U.S. government expresses an unusual interest in his talent for analyzing historical artifacts and people, Malachi unexpectedly finds his life in danger. Can he trust David Walker — a former Special Forces operative he meets randomly in the desert — to protect him? Or is David involved in the very plot that has masked assassins hunting Malachi around the globe?

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